Tips To Getting Pregnant Fast - Discover 3 Proven Tips To Getting Pregnant Quickly.

By Claire Churchill

I can bet you have read many tips to getting pregnantbut the 3 I will share here will greatly increases your chances of getting pregnant and may even contradict what you may have read before.

My top tips to getting pregnant are:

1. Regular intercourse Is Important: I know this might sound obvious but I have known couples who are trying for a baby and having intercourse less than 3 times a week.

It is vital that you have intercourse at least every other day if you are looking to increase your chances of conceiving that dream baby.

You may have read that you need to save the sperm until you are in your "fertile window" in the month so that there will be enough of the sperm to fertile your egg.

The truth however is that it is important to keep the supply of your partners sperm fresh.

Studies have shown that old sperm even though may be greater in quantity lose mobility, quality and viability.

So my first tip to getting pregnant is to engage in regular intercourse.

2. Improve the quality and quantity of your cervical fluid: During your most fertile time in any one month, your cervical mucus nourish the sperm and help them swim towards the egg.

So your cervical mucus performs an important function and whatever you can do to improve not only the quality but also the quantity will greatly increase your chances of conceiving that dream child.

To improve your cervical fluid, make sure you drink plenty of water and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables especially foods high in Vitamin A like baby carrots.

My third and final tip to getting pregnant is

3. Use both conventional medicine and complementary medicine together. In essence, complimentary medicine covers those therapies which as their name suggest complement conventional diagnosis or treatment.

An integrated approach involves working with both western medical practitioners and with complementary therapist and combining them in order to achieve your dream.

So what complementary medicines are beneficial for conception? They are hypnotherapy, Pilates, Traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, reflexology, massage, visualisation and many others.

Would you like to see even more tips to getting pregnant quickly? - 31371

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Heart Jewelry...The Very Beginning...

By Betsy Johnson

You have probably read of our heart jewelry articles in the past. Today we will take a step backward and write a more "generic" on the history of jewelry in general. Jewelry as an art form has been around for thousands of years, and different cultures have used it in different ways. As we examine these pieces of jewelry we will gain insight into how these ancient cultures actually worked.

The homo sapiens that lived in Africa provide us with the first sign of a culture using jewelry. They have found snail shell beads at Blombos Cave (situated in the side of a limestone cliff in South Africa) that date back to over 75,000 years ago. If we go to the other side of Africa, at Enkapune Ya Moto in Kenya, they have found beads made from ostrich egg shells that date back to over 40,000 years ago.

When we think of Egypt we think of the pyramids and the sphinx, right? What about jewelry? Well, it is here that we find the first signs of established jewelry making around 3,000 - 5,000 years ago. Egyptians made their jewelry out of the same materials that we make jewelry out of today. For example, gemstones, but they preferred to make their jewelry out of glass, which they could color to satisfy their particular tastes. This meant that for every gemstone that they could find in nature, they were able to manufacture a glass replication that could mimic it. Other cultures have used the template of Egyptian jewelry in their own jewelry making. Consider the Phoenicians for example, who copied many Egyptian designs.

Color was very important for the Ancient Egyptians. To them, different colors meant different things. If we would like to examine this matter further, we need to look no further than the Book of the Dead. It tells us that the necklace of Isis that was to be placed on the mummy's desk needed to be red. The color red would satisfy Isis's need for blood. Green jewelry on the other hand symbolized new growth in the area of fertility and crops. Egyptian jewelry was made primarily in large workshops that were attached to temples and palaces.

Jewelry development and production started to spring up in the cities of Sumer and Akkad (in Ancient Mesopotamia) around 4000 years ago. It tended to be made from metal leaf, and was often set in a large number of brightly colored stones, such as lapis, agate, carnelian, and jasper. Various shapes like leafs, grapes, cones and spirals were often utilized in their designs. Being masters of record keeping, the Ancient Mesopotamians have provided us with huge archives of detailed records detailing both the creation and trading of jewelry.

We hope this little departure from our usual heart jewelry articles has been fun and educational. It's amazing to see how jewelry making as evolved over the years. - 31371

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A Few Tips On Baby Photography

By Adriana Noton

People use photography as a way to remember all the past events of their life. The change from one grade to the next, graduating from high school or college, marrying that special someone, when you bought your first house, or just as a way to mark the everyday events of life. It doesn't matter whether the events themselves are important or life changing or not.

Here are a few tips to help you express the most important landmarks in someone's life. A new baby. Babies are some of the most popular subjects in terms of picture taking but because of their very nature, they require a great deal of patience and skill in order to do your baby photography justice. For instance, a mistake that you see a lot in baby photos is the use of the flash when a picture is taken.

Especially since natural light doesn't give the baby those dreaded red eyes that so often ruin a good picture. So try using the light coming through the window or just take the picture outdoors, either way it makes a huge difference.

Not only is the bright, glaring, artificial light unflattering, it's unnecessary and it also causes red eye in the final photograph. Natural light is best, which means that you have the choice to move closer to a window or go outside in order to take a picture then do so because it's worth it. If you can't though, most cameras have a red eye reduction function that you can use for the best baby photography possible.

If your camera doesn't have one, there is software available that will take care of the problem for you. Another thing to watch out for is blurring. Like I said earlier, most babies don't like sitting still for pictures and as a result most of them come out looking blurry. Now you can take pictures of your baby acting naturally with the help of a high iso speed camera and big aperture.

The two combined let freeze moments that may not look like much at first, but turn out to be amazing in the split second it took you to snap the picture. Also watch out for your background. Oftentimes people will allow a lot of colors and props around the baby because they think it makes the picture. The truth is that most babies are cute enough that they don't need so much going on in the photograph, and even if they aren't the background should still be kept as simple as possible.

Your main focus is your baby and they are often interesting enough on their own that if you need props or extra additions, they can be simple and few. When taking shots, unless you want the distorted effect, don't use a wide angled lens. There are other ways to make an impact on a photo other than distortion and bright colors however. The simplest things are often the most effective.

You can focus on the things that are associated with the baby instead of the baby itself, take a snapshot of your baby in a strange pose or engaging in some strange behavior or facial expression to add a bit of spice to the picture. Mirrors and blurred backgrounds are also popular in baby photography. The point is to have fun and if you keep that in mind everything else should just fall in place. - 31371

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Tips On Taking Great Baby Portraits

By Iris Parish

Parents want to capture their newborn's personalities with baby portraits now more than ever. Children's various moods as well as monumental moments can sometimes never be captured again. You do not always need a children's photographer to aid with creating the perfect baby portraits for you and your family. Here are some very easy tips in applying a strategy, which will result with very good pictures.

Some parents opt for their baby portraits to be performed in the nude. Babies have very natural, gorgeous skin. The eyes really stand out when there is not distraction of clothes on the baby. This is a very natural look to portray in the baby portrait.

You can also store the baby portraits created by your digital camera and download them later on your computer, which makes it easier to send to the grandparents. There is printing software available as well, which can aid with printing out the baby portraits from your computer.

Nine months of age, the babies will be teething as well as drooling a lot. Make sure you keep drool rags in a location, which is easy to access and quickly. Children at this age also experience anxiety when separated from their parents.

Keep the digital camera loaded and ready to shoot in seconds. Most digital cameras are so portable you can place them for storage inside the diaper bag or your purse. Unposed baby portraits of the baby sleeping or smiling make for the best portraits that even a children's photographer would be proud to display. Do not forget to snap baby portraits of your baby's toes as well as cute little hands. These baby portraits are adorable to reminisce about when they are past these precious stages within their lives.

A children's photographer would recommend that you should invest into a good pair of zoom lens in capturing those ever so sweet moments of your baby. You can zoom right into the cute expressions on their faces.

Black and white baby portraits are classic looking and should be added to your collection of baby portraits for your child. You can adjust the setting of your digital camera to the Sepia-tone setting which will give the baby portraits a touch of elegance.

Make sure you speak freely with the children's photographer before you hire them. It is very important to ensure both of you are on the same page not only personally but also legally. Ask for additional tips, which a professional children's photographer can offer in making your baby portrait memorable. - 31371

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Maternity Photography And Ideas For Them

By Adriana Noton

Whether you are the ones taking them or the ones having them taken, there are some things that one should remember when it comes to maternity photography. You want them to be a reminder of the joy it was though it was not easy to carry that bundle of joy in your womb. The time when that baby was formed and you nurtured it while it was in you is something that created a bond. Here is how to make sure you show how loved your child was when they are older.

To start out with, there are a few places that one should consider having their pictures taken once they choose a maternity photographer. One of those places is outside. Artists depict child birth as a part of nature. When you take your maternity shoot to nature you become one with nature. Now, how cool is that?

The other place that your child will become one with when they are born is the home. This is your natural surrounding and there is not anything that says I cannot wait until you are here than having your photos taken at home. These after all will be their first pictures.

When you take this picture or have it taken, dress up lady. You deserve to look great and childbirth adds to it. Be proud of who you are and what you look like. Flaunt it for the camera. This is your shoot to show that baby when he or she is born that you are darn proud to be the mom. You are doing the hard work after all.

You cannot forget to show dad in these. The greatest pictures are connecting the tummy as it is protruding in the center focal point while the couple is romantically intertwined. It says you were not a mistake, we love you each other just as much as we love you. It is love in all its beauty.

This might not be your first one. It could be your second or third one. So include the family. Sometimes it is even cute to include the animals as well. They should be a part of this joyous occasion too. This is just one other idea that is somewhat new actually.

Show different angles. Now, ladies I know you are saying that is torture. You think you are big. You think you are ugly and you wonder why anyone would want to see that. You got curves for a reason. You did not overeat. You did not just poof and gain weight. You are carrying a lovely bundle of joy and show the curves and the poundage off.

When these are being taken it should be simple. It should focus on the not yet born child and the love that surrounds it. Therefore you do not want too much scenery to show. It should be right there and in the center of it all.

These photos will be treasured as your child gets older. You do not want to forget them days. They pass by so quickly and before you know it they are on their own. Get something that can help you to remember that great feeling you had as you carried them into this world. The news is so great to hear. Now, share it with others as you allow them to see the great feelings you have as you prepare for your child. - 31371

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Acai Berry Information - Your Ultimate Guide

By Aaron Silverton

From a couple of TV stations to different talk shows, everybody converses about the acai berry information. These little fruits with purple-blue hue do not only taste fantastic but also grant essential nutrient elements to the body. Therefore, integrating them to your typical diet will keep your system fighting fit.

These berries are native to the tropical rainforests of Brazil. The palm of the acai, which is a component of the plant genus Euterpe, gives purple berries the same size and dimension as blueberries for over centuries now. Acai is also called as jussara, the local term that delineates both berries and plants.

For the reason that acai berries' components will swiftly break down after being harvested, when you attempt to purchase these fruits outside of Brazil, you'll find that they are promoted as frozen berries, juice, or in free-dried powder form. It's vital for you to note the preserved acai products will furnish you with similar hale and hearty properties as what fresh acai berries will give you, despite the indisputable fact that the fruits already traveled from the rainforest to the superstore.

The overflowing stories on television programs and even in the news have introduced acai and its health advantages to many folks all over the planet. Initial research reveals that acai supplies the body with very purposeful nutriments, though long term studies have not yet proved the wonder health benefits of acai. What's definite on the acai berry information is that consuming it is safe and advantageous to your body, but your system will only realize its potential, when you incorporate it in your diet and way of living continually.

The nice thing about acai is that it is regarded as an antioxidant powerhouse. Antioxidant reduce the effect of free radicals, the standard byproduct of metabolism that can dent and damage cell DNA and therefore lead to cancer and growths. As compared to other berries and fruits, acai consistently scores the highest when it comes to the Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity ( ORAC ) price. In exact fact, a food with a higher ORAC worth has a bigger talent to mop-up free radicals. Since free radicals have an extreme contribution to cell damage, foods that counterbalance free radicals are believed to restrain cancer formation.

Another good feature of acai berries is that they can also inhibit the indications of premature aging. The vivid purple pigment, which grants the berries their distinct color, is enclosed with anthocyanins, a specific grouping of polyphenols. Anthocyanins function as sun block or sun lotion for plants, shielding against the bad effects of the UV rays. These elements are broadcast to organisms or people that consume the results of the plant. Since acai contains many anthocyanins like the grape fruits, it is favourable for promoting glowing, glowing, and good skin.

The acai berry information will let you learn about numerous benefits of this fruit. It is acknowledged as an excellent source of minerals, vitamins, protein, and fiber. When you eat an acai berry, or drink its juice or pulp, you are taking in as much Vitamin C if you consume a tiny cup of blueberries and more than one thousand IU of Vitamin A for each one hundred grams of the acai berries. - 31371

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Mothers Rings Show That You Care

By Amy Carrington

Sometimes as children grow into adults' moms feel like they have lost their place. You can show her that she is still one of the most important women in your life, by showing her how much you care. This birthday or Mother's day you can add a special touch by gifting one of a variety of mothers rings. This lets her know that no matter how grown you get, you still appreciate all of her efforts.

You can choose from a number of jewelers available on the market for this type of ring. You have a choice between white gold, yellow gold, silver or platinum to use as your base ring. This type of ring is focused on the number of kids the mom has had and representing them on the ring by each individual birthstone.

Personalizing this gift is part of the experience. You must decide on the kind of base you want. Ideally this will depend on the recipient's preference. You then move on to choosing the number of stones that will be set on the ring. This sometimes sets the design for the ring. Finally, you will choose which birthstones will be added. Many jewelers offer a special option of inscription on the ring as well.

Before purchasing your gift, it is always nice to know what kind of gold your mom appreciates. This will give you an idea on what to set the birthstones on. For instance, if mom likes white gold than choose this as the base for the ring. You than move on to choosing the style of the ring which depends on the number of birth stones that will be set on it.

Some jewelers offer birthstone, stackable bands. Each sibling gets an entire band for their birthstone. They are then stacked upon each other to form the ring.

This is a gift that extends love and care. It shows that you are still fond of her love and efforts regardless of how old you have become. It allows her to remember this each time she wears her ring. - 31371

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